Looking for a unique gift? Consider “A Philosopher Looks at The Sense of Humor”

 Looking for a unique gift for an avid reader who enjoys philosophy?

Consider “A Philosopher Looks at The Sense of Humor” by well known lighthearted philosopher, Richard C. Richards, which shares his unique perspective on humor:

“The philosophy of humor has interested me for years, and with retirement, I decided to write the book. It has a serious intent and a humorous approach. That way I can offend a larger number of people: both the humorous and the serious. My funeral occurred several years ago, but it did not take. But I got to put the fun back in FUNeral.” — Richard C. Richards

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 Katharina Notarianni, Author and Publisher, Healing Time Books

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Poetry MS by E. Reenah McGill

Coming Soon! Healing Time Books is pleased to announce a collection of poetry by E. Reenah McGill will soon be available in paperback and eBook formats:Poetry MS by Dr. E. Reenah McGill

‘Poetry MS’ by Dr. E. Reenah McGill is a collection of poems in two volumes which include pieces of poetry written over a span of more than forty years. They represent and reflect many changes in her life situations, thoughts and desires.

Poetry MS Volume 1 by E. Reenah McGillPoetry MS – Volume 1

Poetry MS Volume 2 by E. Reenah McGillPoetry MS – Volume 2

New Book! Poems That Almost Got Away by Richard C. Richards

Poems That Almost Got Away by Richard C. Richards
Poems That Almost Got Away by Richard C. Richards

Poems That Almost Got Away by Richard C. Richards is a collection of poems written over fifty years of his life. He wrote them when something struck him, as he tried to bring some vague experience into focus. He wanted to record what was going on in his life. In some, he just wanted to get an experience down on paper. Richard explains “Many of the poems deal with death. That is a respectable topic for a philosopher, a poet or anyone else who wants to understand this crazy disease called life, and not simply to get through it with as little thought as possible. Death is a concern, but not a preoccupation. I meet death occasionally for lunch, but we only talk about trivial things. We’re not really good friends, but we tolerate each other.”

Richards’ poems let you see the world from the poet’s perspective to some extent. Can poetry do anything other than this? If it can, he says he does not know what that “anything other” is. Sometimes he jokes. Sometimes you cannot tell whether he is joking or not. Neither can he…sometimes. Welcome!

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