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“If you are struggling with getting your book prepared for publication, you are not alone. Many creative people want to focus on what they do best, to create! By self publishing my own books, I unraveled some of the mystery surrounding the publishing process and found I had a knack for streamlining processes. I also love making the most of new technologies. Now I have fun helping other authors make the most of today’s technologies to publish their works. ”

 Katharina Notarianni, Author and Publisher, Healing Time Books

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Poetry MS by E. Reenah McGill

Coming Soon! Healing Time Books is pleased to announce a collection of poetry by E. Reenah McGill will soon be available in paperback and eBook formats:Poetry MS by Dr. E. Reenah McGill

‘Poetry MS’ by Dr. E. Reenah McGill is a collection of poems in two volumes which include pieces of poetry written over a span of more than forty years. They represent and reflect many changes in her life situations, thoughts and desires.

Poetry MS Volume 1 by E. Reenah McGillPoetry MS – Volume 1

Poetry MS Volume 2 by E. Reenah McGillPoetry MS – Volume 2

New Book! Poems That Almost Got Away by Richard C. Richards

Poems That Almost Got Away by Richard C. Richards
Poems That Almost Got Away by Richard C. Richards

Poems That Almost Got Away by Richard C. Richards is a collection of poems written over fifty years of his life. He wrote them when something struck him, as he tried to bring some vague experience into focus. He wanted to record what was going on in his life. In some, he just wanted to get an experience down on paper. Richard explains “Many of the poems deal with death. That is a respectable topic for a philosopher, a poet or anyone else who wants to understand this crazy disease called life, and not simply to get through it with as little thought as possible. Death is a concern, but not a preoccupation. I meet death occasionally for lunch, but we only talk about trivial things. We’re not really good friends, but we tolerate each other.”

Richards’ poems let you see the world from the poet’s perspective to some extent. Can poetry do anything other than this? If it can, he says he does not know what that “anything other” is. Sometimes he jokes. Sometimes you cannot tell whether he is joking or not. Neither can he…sometimes. Welcome!

To order Poems That Almost Got Way, visit CreateSpace.

New Book! Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras

Healing with Color - Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras
Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras

Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras

by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

Publisher: Healing Time Books



In Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras, channeled by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni, Tara brings you a collection of meditative journeys that focus on healing with color. Initially it is recommended to treat this as a 21-day process, whereby you experience one specific color each day following the guidance that is given. After the process has been completed, you can return to a specific color as you are called to do so depending on what you are experiencing in your life, letting the key words and affirmations guide you when you wish to focus upon a particular energy, a particular resonance, for the purpose of activating something specific within yourself. The intention is to have access to the full spectrum of color, to be balanced, to be healed completely so, on all levels of your being, so you can experience more and more of who you truly are.


“I have been fortunate enough to experience the beauty, insights and healing power of Tara for 20 years. I would highly recommend Healing with Color to anyone who is interested in spiritual transformation, and I would also highly recommend a personal reading with Tara.”
— Charles Horne

“Healing with Color presents an elegant support system from which we may navigate the world of duality with much greater ease and understanding. Tara continually infuses the reader with compassion and love, always an ally on this sometimes arduous journey of being human!”
— Marilyn Marlow,

“Tara and her channel, Katharina Notarianni, created an amazing work of art in Healing with Color. Tara in its 21 diverse expressions of color and light can help you, guide you, heal you when you open up and receive the words and more than that, the energy that flows through those words. As I am reading the words, it seems so much more than words – I feel surrounded and filled with energy, with light, this color light is healing in such a soothing wonderful way…I am excited to experience Tara in its many diverse expressions of color and light. It feels amazing and I love the energy that is in it, like being hugged.”
— Elisabeth Staudigl, Ph.D.

“Healing with Color is a moving, loving and joyous experience! I have been touched deeply and am not the same now as when I started! I am More. I am grateful for the opportunity to have received the richness of love and healing offered in this luscious work. It is a feast of sensual energy work in a few short pages. I feel a deeper intimacy with Tara, her love is powerful and tender. Katharina Notarianni and Tara gift us a powerful experience of sweet and tender change through love. Thank you, thank you, thank you! With love and joy.”
— Cathy Stubbs – Shaman, Certified light body healer, Reiki master, RN, Eagle Flight Healing LLC

“I am so happy and grateful to read the words of Tara in printed form where multitudes of people can learn and grow from her wisdom. It has been my privilege to ask Tara directly how I might view what was happening in my life in a way that gave it purpose and meaning and receive life changing information. Healing with Color cuts through to foundational problems and provides solutions with great ease. Each meditation is a powerful life affirming statement. Now as I read this book, in my mind I hear Tara’s welcoming voice and once again feel her love wrapping around me as she shares the deepest truths that can guide each of us as we move forward to unite all aspects of our selves. Thank you for the honor of reading Truth, Love and Beauty from the wisdom of Tara.”
— Dr. E. Reenah McGill, Healing Energy Center

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