New! Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras

Healing with Color - Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

Healing with Color

Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras

by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

Publisher: Healing Time Books

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In Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras, channeled by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni, Tara brings you a collection of meditative journeys that focus on healing with color. Initially it is recommended to treat this as a 21-day process, whereby you experience one specific color each day following the guidance that is given. After the process has been completed, you can return to a specific color as you are called to do so depending on what you are experiencing in your life, letting the key words and affirmations guide you when you wish to focus upon a particular energy, a particular resonance, for the purpose of activating something specific within yourself. The intention is to have access to the full spectrum of color, to be balanced, to be healed completely so, on all levels of your being, so you can experience more and more of who you truly are.


“I have been fortunate enough to experience the beauty, insights and healing power of Tara for 20 years. I would highly recommend Healing with Color to anyone who is interested in spiritual transformation, and I would also highly recommend a personal reading with Tara.”
— Charles Horne

“Healing with Color presents an elegant support system from which we may navigate the world of duality with much greater ease and understanding. Tara continually infuses the reader with compassion and love, always an ally on this sometimes arduous journey of being human!”
— Marilyn Marlow,

“Tara and her channel, Katharina Notarianni, created an amazing work of art in Healing with Color. Tara in its 21 diverse expressions of color and light can help you, guide you, heal you when you open up and receive the words and more than that, the energy that flows through those words. As I am reading the words, it seems so much more than words – I feel surrounded and filled with energy, with light, this color light is healing in such a soothing wonderful way.
I have never read a book that touched me so much, that touched my soul, that awakens something in me, something that seemingly was asleep… I feel like coming home, Tara’s love and nurturing relaxes me, touches me, holds me. Tara is gentle and yet so powerful.
Choose which Tara seems to fit this moment and take your time and enjoy being with this Tara, let her words, let her light and all the information coming with it, touch you, fill you, embrace you, heal you, change you – experience becoming new. Maybe you are able to release something you did not need any more or maybe you were able to integrate something new, awaken something in you that was always there.
I am excited to experience TARA in its many diverse expressions of color and light. It feels amazing and I love the energy that is in it, like being hugged.”
— Elisabeth Staudigl, Ph.D.

“Healing with Color is a moving, loving and joyous experience! I have been touched deeply and am not the same now as when I started! I am More. I am grateful for the opportunity to have received the richness of love and healing offered in this luscious work. It is a feast of sensual energy work in a few short pages. I feel a deeper intimacy with Tara, her love is powerful and tender. Katharina Notarianni and Tara gift us a powerful experience of sweet and tender change through love.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! With love and joy.”
— Cathy Stubbs – Shaman, Certified light body healer, Reiki master, RN, Eagle Flight Healing LLC

“I am so happy and grateful to read the words of Tara in printed form where multitudes of people can learn and grow from her wisdom. It has been my privilege to ask Tara directly how I might view what was happening in my life in a way that gave it purpose and meaning and receive life changing information. Healing with Color cuts through to foundational problems and provides solutions with great ease. Each meditation is a powerful life affirming statement. Now as I read this book, in my mind I hear Tara’s welcoming voice and once again feel her love wrapping around me as she shares the deepest truths that can guide each of us as we move forward to unite all aspects of our selves. Thank you for the honor of reading Truth, Love and Beauty from the wisdom of Tara.”
— Dr. E. Reenah McGill, Healing Energy Center

To experience more of Tara, visit www.tarachannel.comTo experience Tara, visit

Tara channeled by Katharina Notarianni

Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni

Tara Talks will be held in San Diego starting April 25th at Amethyst Moon in La Mesa. An inspired discussion about you and the world you are creating
with Tara, channeled by Katharina Notarianni, the focus of Tara Talks is on becoming more of who you truly are – in relationship to yourself, others, money and work.

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Also, available soon from Healing Time Books:

Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty One Taras by Tara Channel Katharina Notarianni.

Introducing the Art of Marilyn Marlow


Inspired by her life experiences and travels, Marilyn Marlow’s art has vitality and a quiet magic. Appropriately named “Serenity of Koutoulofari” this peaceful image, when viewed as a canvas print on a wall, has an uncanny ability to change as the lighting in the room changes.

Serenity of Koutouloufari by Marilyn Marlow

Serenity of Koutouloufari

About Marilyn’s creative process:

“The one creative thread that has maintained an uninterrupted continuity in my life is photography. It has always been my palette ever since I received my first Brownie camera at age six. Photography is a lifeline to all I am, how I witness and capture visions of the world. Long ago I realized that I could instantly record what I was seeing so fleetingly and rejoice in its relative permanence, to relive over and over at will. It’s magical expressions are the essence of what I wish to share with the world. It’s a way to share how I comprehend the world, to elicit emotions that welled up inside while capturing the beauty to behold. Many people have told me over the years, “You have a good eye.” I take that to mean that I see in ways in which they don’t. It’s another gift which I’ve been bestowed in this life, it’s always been with me. A companion amongst the crowds, my camera is my witness, it supports, embraces my spirit through its lens.”  –Marilyn Marlow, Artist

Photographer and artist Marilyn Marlow recently launched her website ( to make available her photos and paintings for purchase.

Introducing the Art of Monika Ruiz

Blue Night (Noche Azul) by Monika Ruiz

Blue Night (Noche Azul) by Monika Ruiz

Artist Statement:
“I strive to endow my paintings with visual existence, vibrancy, and life. I want my subjects- whether people, places, or leaves- to speak loudly with voices that are clear and free. I do not want to copy nature but recreate it! If my paintings move people with passion, happiness, even melancholy or sadness, I am on the right path.” Monika Ruiz

Born in Colombia, Monika Ruiz began her art education at the age of fourteen. Her foundational studies focused on traditional art history, particularly figure drawing and still life. Her paintings recall the bright colors and evocative brush strokes of Fauvist and Post-Impressionist paintings, as well as the expansive and dreamlike quality of early Surrealist paintings.

In “Yin Yang,” two figures curl around the perimeter of camellia flower, becoming its outermost petals in a spiraling embrace.

Monika Ruiz Art - Yin Yang

Yin Yang by Monika Ruiz

“Holding the Sun” forgoes the figure and disrupts conventional horizons with rainbow-colored leaves crowding the foreground.

Monika Ruiz Art - Holding The Sun

Holding The Sun by Monika Ruiz

Whether explicitly narrative or abstract, Ruiz’s paintings evoke a sense of time’s passing and its affect on the natural world.

Monika Ruiz Art - Past, Present, Future
Past, Present, Future triptych by Monika Ruiz

Visit her online Art Gallery to see her works, purchase a  reproduction, a painting or  commission a Pet Portrait or a painting based in an experience that you  have had, your family or something that you love. Storytelling makes up a big part in her art.  She has created series and individual paintings based on  stories of her friends and her own Fairy Tales like about a boy, Jay, and his dog, Boo, who travel the universe searching for wisdom and a companion for Boo.

If you would like to purchase a painting, have a question, make a comment, or would like to commission a work of art, please fill out the online form, or email Monika at

New Book: A Philosopher Looks at The Sense of Humor

Do you have a sense of humor?

Now available from Amazon’s CreateSpace, A Philosopher Looks at The Sense of Humor by Richard C. Richards will simultaneously delight you and get you thinking about humor in a new way.

Also available from in Kindle format.

Richard C. Richards, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, taught various philosophy courses at California State Polytechnic University,Pomona, for nearly forty odd years. Actually only half those years were odd. The other half were even. It is odd that even the even years were a bit odd. And the odd years were surprisingly even, though there were odd moments.

He taught courses in Philosophy of the Arts, Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Logic and Semantics, Ethics, Business and Professional Ethics, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Aristotle, Existentialism, and The Philosophy of Humor. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of California Santa Barbara, and his graduate degrees at UCLA, where he specialized in medieval philosophy, especially the philosophies of William Ockham and John of Mirecourt.

He and his wife of thirty years, Marlene, are enjoying retirement with travel, operas, and concerts. He also hybridizes irises and has won national awards with his introductions of irises into the national iris trade.

Read more on the author’s blog:

Also, read Dr. Camille Atkinson’s book review in Metapsychology.



New Book and Special Offer! Eat Right Lose Weight – Introducing the 5 Element Nutrition and Hypnosis System


Eat Right Lose Weight - Introducing the 5 Element Nutrition and Hypnosis System by Dr. Marianne Zaugg and Dr. E. Reenah McGill

Eat Right Lose Weight – Introducing the 5 Element Nutrition and Hypnosis System by Dr. Marianne Zaugg and Dr. E. Reenah McGill

Are you trying to find a way to lose those last few pounds? Are you motivated to improve your health but can’t seem to find the right formula? Read this book and take the quiz to find out your 5 Element type. Get insights into your eating patterns, examine the foods that you are eating, and begin to make changes that benefit you.

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Dr. Marianne Zaugg is the author of audio books on hypnosis, guided imagery and meditation techniques. She is a best-selling non-fiction author, having sold millions of digital downloads of her works. Zaugg has worked with thousands of people, including Hollywood movie stars, world renowned musicians, athletes, and top entrepreneurs. She has helped people to sleep better, quit smoking, lose weight, relieve pain, improve anxiety-related issues, and increase self-confidence.

Dr. Reenah McGill is a licensed Acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. She is nationally certified as a National Diplomate in Acupuncture and Herbololgy and Oriental Medicine and has more then twenty years experience as a clinical nutritionist. She specializes in pain control, weight loss and acupuncture for health and well being.

Healing Time Books Bookstore Open for Business

We are pleased to announce that the new Healing Time Books Bookstore is open for business! Our bookstore is proudly affiliated with – this means easy ordering for you at the same great prices offers.

Come in and browse. The books we love and recommend are ones that have made a difference in our lives.

Many are focused on healing, as well as improving our well-being on all levels through better health, wealth, and loving relationships as well as spirituality. You will recognize titles by Edgar Cayce, Deepak Chopra, Abraham-Hicks, Stuart Wilde, and other leaders of the self-help genre.

We also recommend books about creating your reality through understanding The Secret and The Law of Attraction, as channeled by Abraham through Esther Hicks.

Background reading of The Seth Materials by Jane Roberts is also valuable.

We also are pleased to recommend our favorite Cookbooks. Cooking is such a pleasure and there is nothing more delicious and healthy than a home cooked meal, and there is no expert chef more famous than Julia Child.

And last but not least, books that are guaranteed to help you relax by taking you into other realms – J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series, Bill Pullman’s Golden Compass, Mary Stewart’s Merlin and Arthur Legend, and others.

New Release! The Beauty of Irises by Katharina Notarianni

Healing Time Books is pleased to present The Beauty of Irises, a new gardening picture book by Katharina Notarianni.


The Beauty of Irises by Katharina Notarianni

The Beauty of Irises by Katharina Notarianni

Click here to order your copy of The Beauty of Irises 

 A coffee table book with over 100 full color photographs of exquisite irises you might want to add to your own garden. This book is all about the beauty of  irises Learn tips for growing and landscaping with irises. Visit Healing Time Books to learn more about The Beauty of Irises, or purchase now from