HTB Publishing Services

It is our pleasure to work with authors to guide them through all stages of the publishing process. To that end we offer an array of services:

Desktop Publishing Services

  • Design, layout and edit author’s publications
  • Format author’s book for print
  • Design author’s book cover and jacket
  • Secure licenses for use of excerpts from others’ works or images
  • Conversion of author’s book from print to eBook format

Editing Services

  • Proofreading: Catching typos and obvious problems with the content.
  • Copy editing: Checking grammar and making sure the content flows well.
  • Content editing: Noticing when something has been left out or needs to be re-written.

Publishing Services

  • Obtain and register ISBN and barcode for author’s book
  • Recommend and publish author’s book with reputable print-on-demand company and eBook vendors
  • Register author’s book with Copyright Office and Library of Congress
  • Advise on pricing and royalty scenarios

Marketing Services

  • Develop author biography and professional photograph
  • Design and develop a website geared towards selling author’s publications
  • Evaluate online sale opportunities and digital rights management
  • Feature author’s publications on our blog and in the Healing Time Books Bookstore
  • Offer author’s publications for sale worldwide

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