Introducing Marilyn Marlow Artistry


Inspired by her life experiences and travels, Marilyn Marlow’s art has vitality and a quiet magic. Appropriately named “Serenity of Koutoulofari” this peaceful image, when viewed as a canvas print on a wall, has an uncanny ability to change as the lighting in the room changes.

Serenity of Koutouloufari by Marilyn Marlow
Serenity of Koutouloufari

About Marilyn’s creative process:

“The one creative thread that has maintained an uninterrupted continuity in my life is photography. It has always been my palette ever since I received my first Brownie camera at age six. Photography is a lifeline to all I am, how I witness and capture visions of the world. Long ago I realized that I could instantly record what I was seeing so fleetingly and rejoice in its relative permanence, to relive over and over at will. It’s magical expressions are the essence of what I wish to share with the world. It’s a way to share how I comprehend the world, to elicit emotions that welled up inside while capturing the beauty to behold. Many people have told me over the years, “You have a good eye.” I take that to mean that I see in ways in which they don’t. It’s another gift which I’ve been bestowed in this life, it’s always been with me. A companion amongst the crowds, my camera is my witness, it supports, embraces my spirit through its lens.”  –Marilyn Marlow, Artist

Photographer and artist Marilyn Marlow recently launched her website ( to make available her photos and paintings for purchase.

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