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Healing Time Books proudly features the works of authors who have utilized our assistance to publish their books. If you are interested in finding out more whether we can help you move your project forward, whether it is formatting, editing, and publishing your book, or adding a website or social media to your marketing efforts, please contact

Marilyn Marlow

Marilyn Marlow’s passion for life engages readers using her creative forces. She draws upon a wealth of experiences in various mediums of art, reading, world travel, as well as from teaching children and adults for over more than three decades. For her love of children Marilyn always knew she would be a teacher. What she didn’t anticipate was the day the recruiter came into her college art class. Four days after graduation she left for Guatemala, Central America as a Peace Corps Volunteer where she learned Spanish and worked with Mayan artists for the next two years.


‘Amor y Luz: Un Mito de la Creación’ (Spanish Edition) / ‘Love and Light ~  A Creation Myth’ (English Edition), handwritten nearly forty years ago, was inspired by experiences living close to the land in the highlands of Guatemala. Perhaps too, it was a way to discover a personal connection with our privileged heritage of living on this planet. It definitely spawned a yearning to share with others visions of an expansive world. Equipped with another language, upon return, Marilyn found the perfect career niche as a bilingual teacher. Soon after beginning, she was also asked to be an English Language Development Facilitator in several schools. She supported multitudes of children and families from around the world to acclimate to their new environment. Equally important she educated teachers about how best to help the new students bridge language and culture. What an ideal opportunity to make a difference, incorporate language, culture and creativity while making a living! Now retired, Marilyn resides in La Mesa, California with her supportive and loving husband, Ken. She balances her time creating works of art, publishing children’s books and being enlivened by travel around the world. Her greatest desire is to touch and inspire the minds, hearts and souls of others through her creative expressions. If you desire to see more of her work, please visit:

E. Reenah McGill

Reverend Dr. Reenah McGill, D.O.M., L.Ac., D.D., Author. Reverend Dr. Reenah McGill is a licensed Acupuncturist, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, and Doctor of Divinity. She is nationally certified as a National Diplomate in Acupuncture and Herbology and Oriental Medicine and has more then twenty years experience as a clinical nutritionist. She specializes in pain control, weight loss and acupuncture for health and well being.


Poetry MS, consisting of Volumes 1 & 2, is a collection of poems by Dr. E. Reenah McGill that represent and reflect many changes in her life situations, thoughts and desires. Eat Right, Lose Weight – Introducing The 5 Element Nutrition and Hypnosis System (ISBN 978-0982105238) was co-authored by Dr. McGill with best selling author Dr. Marianne Zaugg and is available in paperback and eBook formats from

“Learning what to eat to be healthy with a trim body and lots of energy has been a pursuit of mine for a long time with limited success. Then I discovered while studying and practicing Oriental Medicine that each person falls into one of five major groups. With this knowledge I found a new but ancient method to eat foods which are good for me physically, mentally and spiritually. To that I combined this information into a system that could help anyone who wanted to achieve the same goals we all want for a lean, trim body that easily carries us through the day. I have tested it out with unlimited numbers of people and it worked. Then I added hypnosis based on my work with Dr. Marianne Zaugg and together we created this system to help you achieve the healthy weight goals of our clients. It has been a wonderful, fulfilling journey and I hope you’ll take the journey also.”

Katharina Notarianni

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Katharina Notarianni began her publishing career with her first book, ‘The Beauty of Irises,’ a gardening picture coffee table book focused on bearded irises which she grew in her own garden and was inspired to photograph and write about. Publishing ‘The Beauty of Irises’ inspired her to start Healing Time Books, a publishing company to help authors make the most of today’s digital technologies to publish their works. She loves working with creative people on works they have created.

‘Once Upon A New Moon’, a collection of poems by Katharina Notarianni, were written utilizing a shamanic creative process, whereby the author journeyed on the new moon to other realms and brought back imagery and profound insights which she translated into poetry while still in an entranced state.

Katharina Notarianni is best known as the Tara Channel. She has channeled the universal goddess energy of Tara for over twenty years, working with others on their journey of self discovery and enlightenment, bringing a sense of unconditional love and peace to their process. To experience Tara, read ‘Healing with Color – Experience the Essence of Twenty-One Taras’ or visit

Katharina currently lives in the mountains of San Diego with her husband, John, where they enjoy a sublime climate and wildlife outside their front door. Coyotes, roadrunners, quails, cottontail rabbits, hummingbirds and red tail hawks are some of their favorite visitors.

Richard C. Richards

Richard C. Richards, Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, taught various philosophy courses at California State Polytechnic University,Pomona, for nearly forty odd years. He taught courses in Philosophy of the Arts, Ancient Philosophy, Medieval Philosophy, Logic and Semantics, Ethics, Business and Professional Ethics, Philosophy of Love and Sex, Aristotle, Existentialism, and The Philosophy of Humor. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of California Santa Barbara, and his graduate degrees at UCLA, where he specialized in medieval philosophy, especially the philosophies of William Ockham and John of Mirecourt. He and his wife of thirty years, Marlene, are enjoying retirement with travel, operas, and concerts. He also hybridizes irises and has won national awards with his introductions of irises into the national iris trade.

  “The philosophy of humor has interested me for years, and with retirement, I decided to write the book, A Philosopher Looks at The Sense of Humor. It has a serious intent and a humorous approach. That way I can offend a larger number of people: both the humorous and the serious. My funeral occurred several years ago, but it did not take. But I got to put the fun back in FUNeral.”

Marianne Zaugg

Dr. McGill and Dr. Zaugg combined their talents to introduce the 5 Element Nutrition & Hypnosis System to improved health and well-being. “Eat Right Lose Weight describes a brand new approach to finally lose those last unwanted pounds that you have been holding onto. Together with you, we look at the path of weight loss that will best work for you while maintaining a sense of well-being, thus bringing body and mind into a perfect harmonious duo.” Take the quiz included in this book to discover your 5 Element Type.


Dr. Marianne Zaugg, Dch, PhD is best known for her Guided Imagery Series of meditations to reduce stress, panic, fear and phobias and improve sleep.